About Ruth

Known for her dazzling work in rare gemstones, colored golds, and South Sea and freshwater pearls, Ruth Taubman is one of the few women jewelry designers who is also an accomplished goldsmith. A graduate of the University of Michigan’s Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing program, Ruth has been envisioning and crafting limited edition and one of a kind jewelry for over 45 years, first in New York and now from her private studio in Michigan. Through her long-standing relationships with gem suppliers, Ruth is able to select the most unique and highest quality stones from around the world. She specializes in multistone necklaces combining rare, unusually colored gemstones, as well as rings featuring large, beautiful stones set in her unmistakable bezel settings, which enhance each gem’s “lit from within” effect. Gorgeous pearl necklaces, from delicate to luxe, are another Taubman trademark. Her earrings showcase vibrant gemstones, sometimes asymmetrically paired in complementary colors, reflecting Ruth’s gift for designs both beautifully executed and utterly fresh.